Did you know that more than four in ten teens who have misused or abused a prescription drug has taken it right out of their parent’s medicine cabinet? Proper disposal of medication can prevent prescription drug abuse, accidental poisonings of children and pets, and keep medicines from polluting steams and rivers.

The best way to dispose of unused or unwanted medication is to take it to an official collection site. Permanent drug collection units are available at the following locations:

Holden Police Department
1370 Main Street Holden, MA
Leicester Police Department
90 South Main Street Leicester, MA
Millbury Town Hall
127 Elm Street, Millbury MA
Shrewsbury Health Department
100 Maple Avenue Shrewsbury, MA
Grafton Police Department
28 Providence Road, Grafton MA

In addition, the Central Massachusetts Regional Public Health Alliance participates in semi-annual Drug Take Back Days in partnership with the US Srug Enforcement Administration. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

If you are unable to access a safe disposal site follow these steps for disposal in household garbage:

  1. Take the medication out of the original containers
  2. Mix medicines with an undesirable substance such as coffee grounds or cat litter
  3. Put the mixture into a disposable container such as a margarine tub or ziploc bag
  4. Conceal any personal information, including the Rx number, by covering it with permanent marker or tape
  5. Seal the container with  and place it in the trash