In 2012 nearly 100 organizations and individuals from the Worcester area came together to rally around improving health for the residents of Worcester and several of the surrounding towns. Those organizations set out to come up with plan for defining the health issues that deserve the most attention. That plan we now call the Community Health Improvement Plan, or CHIP. But before the CHIP was a reality, those 100 organizations and individuals devoted themselves to a vision:

Worcester will be the healthiest city and the Central MA Regional Public Health Alliance the healthiest region in New England by 2020.


Today, we’re committed to the same vision, but with a clearer message:



We call it Healthy2020, and we want you to be a part of it. We’re doing what we can to make the neighborhoods, schools, and hospitals you live, learn, work, and play in healthier through 79 different ways outlined in the CHIP in 5 different areas:

Healthy Eating & Active Living
Substance Abuse Prevention & Mental Health
Primary Care & Wellness
Violence & Injury Prevention
and Health Equity

You can read about how we’re doing that here. So what can you do?