The towns of the Central Massachusetts Regional Public Health Alliance are members of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coalition (PHEP), led by the City of Worcester’s Division of Public Health.

The PHEP Coalition represents 74 cities and towns in central Massachusetts, working together to build local public health emergency preparedness and response capabilities. Funding for the Coalition planning activities is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and managed by the City of Worcester’s Division of Public Health.

The coalition represents all of Planning Region II and contains the largest number of communities and comprises the largest geographical land mass of the sixteen coalitions in the state (see regional coalition map). Established in 2004, each community appoints a representative to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee elects an Executive Committee that is responsible for the management and oversight of the coalition and staff. Funding provides staff to coordinate the creation of emergency plans, such as emergency dispensing site plans, and for the purchase of equipment such as medical supplies, communications equipment etc.

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