The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Bureau awarded the City of Worcester Division of Public Health the Partnership for the Enhancement of Regional Preparedness (PERP) grant on behalf of all of central Massachusetts health and medical organizations in January 2009.

The grant is designed to enhance regional collective capacity to share resources and respond to public health and medical threats and emergencies.

PERP is accomplishing this by:

  • Developing and implementing plans, procedures and protocols to best manage the flow of information during an emergency
  • Fostering mutual aid agreements and memoranda of understanding
  • Incorporating best practices to efficiently respond to the health and medical challenges associated with large emergencies and disasters

Local health departments, hospitals, ACS level 1 trauma centers, long term care facilities, health centers, EMS, specialty care rehabilitation hospitals, physicians, metropolitan medical response system and home health agencies can all benefit from the successes of the PERP grant.

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