Being prepared for an emergency situation is everyone’s responsibility. The Central Massachusetts Regional Public Health Alliance makes available a number of resources to help you and your family prepare for emergency situations. At minimum every family should take the time to make an emergency plan so that everyone knows how to respond to an emergency and build an emergency kit to ensure that supplies are accessible in the event of an emergency.

Creating a Family Disaster Plan

Building an Emergency Kit

Additional Resources

Worcester Emergency Preparedness Registry: allows people with disabilities (mobility, visual, hearing, cognitive or mental health) to register in advance with the City of Worcester so that emergency workers may better plan their responses to natural and manmade disasters. Participation is voluntary. All personal information will be kept confidential under the law, but may be shared with other emergency response agencies. Please note that providing this information does not guarantee your safety or any particular level of assistance or emergency service during a disaster; it is meant to enhance the ability of emergency responders to plan for a disaster. For more information Click Here.

AlertWorcester is the City of Worcester’s emergency alert system. Sign up to receive alerts via your choice of phone, text, email, etc.