Partnership for Success II Grant
WDPH/CMRPHA The Partnership for Success II grant is from the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The Partnership for Success II prevention strategies:

1. The first strategy selected is a mass media campaign to increase public awareness and concern about Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs (NMUPD).
2. The second strategy selected is to restrict availability of prescription drugs in the home through safe storage and disposal.
3. The third strategy selected is to provide training to the medical and pharmacy organizations on safe prescribing practices and provide them with patient education materials for distribution at their practices/pharmacies.
4. The fourth strategy selected is an intervention aimed at improving clear communication of disapproval of NMUPD by adults with youth.
5. The fifth strategy selected is to educate adolescents about normative peer use of prescription drugs and the risks of NMUPD.

For more information on safe disposal of prescription medications visit the MA Department of Public Health.