Central MA Regional Public Health Alliance works to improve the health of the community by addressing the policies, systems, and environments that inform health. By addressing policies, systems, and environments, CMRPHA staff works to prevent injury, illness, and preventable health conditions.

CMRPHA seeks to become the healthiest region by 2020. Public health plays a critical role in creating a solid infrastructure for our community’s healthcare system. A healthy community is more than merely an absence of disease; a healthy community includes those elements that enable people to maintain a high quality of life and productivity. A healthy community has adequate services to meet the needs of people and provides a safe, healthy environment for children to grow up and thrive. Public health’s role and responsibility is to preserve the safety and promote prevention of disease in our community.

2016 Community Health Improvement Plan

2015 Community Health Assessment

2012 Community Health Improvement Plan

2011 Community Health Assessment

Mass in Motion Worcester

Mental Health

Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund

Substance Abuse Prevention

Worcester Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

Youth Health Action Committee