Be a part of the 2016 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) process!

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) has been released and we need your help to determine what our goals and priorities will be for the CHIP. There are eight workgroups of the CHIP:  Access to Care, Access to Health Foods, Cultural Competency, Economic Opportunity, Mental Health, Physical Activity, Safety and Substance Abuse. For each workgroup, there will be four meetings which will all take place between now and March 2016.

To access meeting minutes and other relevant documents follow this link: GOOGLE DOC

To be added to the list serve email Jacqueline Ewuoso:

Priority Area Conveners First Meeting Second Meeting 3rd Meeting 4th Meeting 5th Meeting
Access to Care Jose Ramirez & Noreen Johnson January 26* February 23* March 1* March 29 None
All four meetings will be from 4pm-6pm, ground floor conference Room 2 at Family Health Center; 26 Queen Street  
Access to Healthy Foods Liz Sheehan Castro & Casey Burns December 8* January 14* February 16* March 15* None
4pm at the YWCA Member’s room 2:30pm-4 pm location TBD 4pm at the YWCA Member’s room  
Cultural Competency Joseph Corazzini & Casey Burns January 19* February 11* March 22* April 5 None
All four meetings will be at 4pm at the YWCA Member’s Lounge  
Economic Opportunity Jeanette Roach &

Ana Sequera

December 15* January 26* February 11* March 3* March 25
6pm, WDPH, 25 Meade St, room 109 4pm, 25 Meade St
Mental Health Caitlyn Keckeissen,

Katie O’Brien &

Lorie Martiska

January 26* February 9* February 23* March 15* April 12
All four meetings will from 11am-1:00pm at YOU, Inc.  81 Plantation Street, Worcester Location TBD
Physical Activity Karin Valentine Goins & Patty Flanagan January 19* February 4* March 1* March 17* None
4pm-6pm, YWCA Board Room 12- 2:00 pm, YWCA Board Room 12-2pm, YWCA Board Room 4-6pm, YWCA Members’ Lounge  
Safety Karen Riley McNarry &

Casey Starr

February 12* March 1*


March 17*


March 31 None
All four meetings will be from 10am-12pm, Main South CDC, 875 Main St  
Substance Abuse Crystal Brown, Vicente Sanabria & Carmen Rosado January 25* February 22* March 14* April 4 None
All four meetings will be from 6-8pm, at LUK Inc conference room, 40 Southbridge St. 4th Fl.  

*Meetings have already occurred

Please share this information with anyone you think should be involved in this process.

March 24th