25 Meade St. Worcester, MA 01610
Phone: 508-799-8531
Email: health@worcesterma.gov
Hours: 8:30am – 5pm
Burial Permit Hours: 9am – 12pm; 2pm – 4:30pm (CLOSED 12-2pm)

The Worcester Division of Public Health (WDPH) works to protect and improve community well-being by preventing disease and injury while promoting social, economic and environmental factors fundamental to health. The Division is the foundation of the local public health system that comprises public- and private-sector health care providers, academia, community based organizations, business, the media and other local and state governmental entities.

As lead agency of the Central MA Regional Public Health Alliance, WDPH is contracted to provide public health services in all Alliance communities including: community health, environmental health, emergency preparedness, epidemiology and nursing. WDPH is also responsible for managing staffing and grant funding on behalf of the Alliance communities. As part of the Alliance principles of operation, each municipality maintains the autonomy of its Board of Health and WDPH is available to advise and assist with any public health challenge or priority identified by the Boards.