Every May, Massachusetts residents and bike commuters come together to celebrate human-powered, two-wheeled transportation during Bay State Bike Week (BSBW). This year BSBW runs from May 13th – May 21st 2017. From Cape Cod to the Berkshires and everywhere around and in between, Commonwealth participants organize bike-centric events to encourage new riders and raise awareness about bicycle transportation.

Bay State Bike Week is a partnership between MassDOT, MassBike, and MassRIDES.

Please see below for upcoming events in the Greater Worcester Area that pertain to Bay State Bike Week:

Get Pumped!

Join us for the Grand Unveiling on the Blackstone River Bikeway


You can also register an event in your area by visiting the website and first checking the event guidelines. Promote your event on the website by making it an official BSBW event!